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Why choose us

 We provide high quality goods:

  • German Brand.
  • Huge selection of aluminium ladders and ramps.
  • en manufacturing, we use materials of the thicker gauge, for greater strength and increased stability.
  • ur telescopic ladders are manufactured with significantly stronger structural fastening elements of the rungs than other products on the market.
  • Focus on product design and quality packaging.
  • We have many years of experience in manufacturing ladders and ramps.
  • The entire production process from A to Z is accentuated towards the quality of the product.

We guarantee favorable pricing:

  • The pricing difference between Worhan Retail (retail online sales) and Worhan Wholesale (wholesale online sales) offers favorable economic grounds for further supply of these products to your customers.

We ensure prompt delivery:

  • The delivery of goods is done directly to your customers (or to you) in a quick and efficient manner.

We ensure simple and convenient process management:

  • Receipt of invoices
  • Shipments of orders
  • Tracking of each order
  • Automatic calculation of the most favorable delivery price
  • Pre-order of goods
  • A quick answer to your questions

Did you know that?

  • Even the German Army (Bundeswehr) uses our telescopic ladders


Sawhorses, planks, ladders

Sawhorses, planks, ladders



Welcome to worhan wholesalers area

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About us

Worhan Mission Statement / Our Core Values:

We pride ourselves on being a "100% Customer-Centric" company, driven by a singular objective: to craft innovative, user-friendly, and durable products that enhance our consumers' daily lives. Our mission is to empower individuals to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

We hold firm to the belief that the "Best products" ought to be within reach for the majority of customers. That's why we prioritize ensuring affordability in our product pricing. Our primary focus and passion lie in designing and manufacturing various types of ladders, ramps, workbenches, and platforms.

Worhan's FUTURE Perspective / Benefits of Being Our Client and Partner:

In our business, we control the entire ‘’value chain’’, overseeing every crucial aspect from product development and production to our own logistics and operations, both in Germany and the USA. This comprehensive approach enables our clients to access our products round the clock, 24/7.

Worhan TEAM Approach / Our Methodology:

International Operations & Team set up:
- Strategic Management & Finance: located in Germany
- Product Research & Development: located in USA and Germany
- Logistics/ Warehouse: located in USA
- Ecommerce & Operations: located in USA

Worhan TRACK RECORD / Our Accomplishments:

- 10+ years of experience
- Successful operation in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, North Europe
- Patented Products innovations
- All products are certified for European markets
- Three layers quality assurance
- Up to 1000.000 psc highest quality products shipped Globally since year 2012

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(302) 553-2240
E-mail: sales@worhan.com